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Feel the pain

Woah…I’m feeling tired today. This week I’m on a kick to try to get into the office early. Both yesterday & today I was into the office shortly after 8. You have to understand, I’m a night person and I’m … Continue reading

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What I wouldn’t do for a coffee…

A few years ago now, my stomach stopped cooperating with me and it became sensitive to different foods. Unfortunately, it’s the really good foods and left me the healthy foods. So now the good stuff like beer, coffee, fast food … Continue reading

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Photo Gallery

The past couple nights I’ve been working on a new photo gallery. I’ve currently got 92 photos posted, but will be working on scanning & posting more before I open it up. I’ll end up killing the gallery I have … Continue reading

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Am I getting sick?

What’s going on here? I’m feeling ill…total chills. My office is so cold, you’d think they didn’t pay their heating bills. But it’s actually the opposite. They pump the air conditioner 12 months a year. I’m always hunched up shivering … Continue reading

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Snowboarding Legend Lost

Earlier this week there was a massive avalanche at Revelstoke, BC. I didn’t think much of it. The night before last, I heard the name of one of the people who died in it. None other than Craig Kelly, the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to B!

It’s my birthday today. The big 29. This one actually scares me since it’s the lead in to 30. I’m not anywhere near 30. 30 seems old. I remember when I was younger thinking about people who were 30 and … Continue reading

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Artistic Painting

This weekend turned out pretty good. Friday night I went out for some drinks with the guyz. Came home and played some Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I’m addicted to this game. It’s been seriously cutting into my sleeping time, … Continue reading

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200,000 people just saw my name!

I ended up emailing Chris Pirillo (the LockerGnome) after I read his daily blog and he mentioned wishing he could subscribe to peoples email addresses so he would always be updated. Ding, ding! That’s what Infotriever, one of my former … Continue reading

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