Monthly Archives: February 2003

Old & Gray

Gray hair…never thought it would be me. Especially so young, and without kids to give them to me. Jenn was looking at me on the couch the other day and said I had a couple gray hairs near my ears. … Continue reading

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Random Strings

This one is more for my own reference. A simple code snippet to generate random character strings in Java.

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Magical Snowmen – Snow Rollers

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. And I probably wouldn’t believe it unless I saw this report. Unless this is a Valentine’s fools day prank.

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A little satire in an unfunny situation…

In case you need to track the latest US Terror level. The image updates to the current level to keep you always up to date. From wackyneighbour

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Happy Hallmark-generated-holiday

Well, it’s that time of year for the special day just so Hallmark can sell a bunch more cards. I’m not cynical am I? And I’m not even single. Jenn & I are going out for a little italian dinner … Continue reading

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Palm Pilot is BACK!

I never realized how dependent I was on my “little silver book”. Thank goodness I was talking about this with a buddy of mine and he lodged my memory to remember a little problem I read about the M5xx series … Continue reading

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