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Holy Web Hits Batman!

I added my Java blog to java.blogs yesterday and I ended up getting over 200 hits yesterday. That doesn’t include RSS subscriptions to the page. I guess I better write some more worthwhile articles to keep people interested.

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Added to Javablogs

I’ve added this blog to java.blogs. Subscribe if you’re a java enthusiast.

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JDOM Beta 9 RC1 available

Get it here. I use JDOM as my XML parser of choice.

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Oh my iPod!

I totally want this. Apple rules. I wish their powerbooks weren’t so expensive cause I would totally switch. Last summer I bought a Sony Minidisc player and I listen to it every day. So small, compact & totally useful. I … Continue reading

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Dancing with sticks!

I had a crazy time on the weekend. A friend of mine is getting married next weekend and this weekend we went to his Raas-Garba ceremony. It’s an Indian ceremony with lots of dancing, entertaining & food. And nobody is … Continue reading

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I switched! Again. And again…

No, this isn’t an Apple “Switch” commercial. But close. I never thought I’d run Netscape (mozilla)browsers again. I used to hate IE back in the day and would only run Netscape. Then I think around IE4, I crossed over to … Continue reading

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‘Porting apps on App Servers’ and ‘IDE opinions”

Phew…I’ve been working on porting a J2EE app from WebLogic 7 backwards to WebLogic 6.1. Made some good headway and it looks like it’s working now. Some wrangling with deployment descriptor formats, but not too painful. Next up is WebLogic … Continue reading

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Enough winter already

Is this April or February? That’s right, it’s cold as heck outside today (-8 deg C) and I’m wearing gloves and my winter jacket to work. This is ridiculous. Some areas are getting snow. April snow brings May flowers? I … Continue reading

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