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Don’t forget a slice of lemon!

Only in Toronto…I’d actually expect to see this somewhere like L.A. or Hollywood. As I was walking to work, a guy on a bicycle rode up beside me and stopped at the red light. I looked at him and noticed … Continue reading

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Panoramic Views of the world has Quicktime VR panoramas of some very cool stuff. This week’s is an underwater scuba scene. So real you’ll think you’re there. Check out this 4th of July with headphones on and you’ll hear sounds louder in each ear … Continue reading

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MIDP for Palm OS – Should I try it out?

I just saw a link to some J2ME Ant tasks which included some tasks for setting up a J2ME app to run on PalmOS. It looks like MIDP for PalmOS has been available since April. I’m interested in creating apps … Continue reading

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Pirates had keyboards?

Who knew pirates had a need for keyboards? This one cracked me up. I almost fell of my chair when I saw it and still gets me chuckling when I think about it.

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Impressed with Velocity

I’ve been trying some things out with Velocity. I’ve got a little tool to track some numbers at work and I was going to slap a jsp frontend on there. I’m glad I stumbled across Velocity just before I got … Continue reading

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Java templating languages

I’ve been doing a little reading about templating. Rather than using jsp, I see templates becoming very popular. I just read some of the WebMacro site. Looks very powerful. I want something that is very simple, and easy to implement. … Continue reading

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Golden Rules of Stress-Free Programming

I was reading an article on Javaranch by Frank Carver and he has some good ideas on keeping your programming stress free.

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It’s about time someone read my mind

I’ve been searching for a decent way to read my RSS feeds on my Palm. I’ve been using iSilo to sync the pages from my local install of flock.. It works alright, but isn’t the greatest solution. Finally, someone created … Continue reading

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