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Links to utils: Count your lines and obfuscate

The JDJ email had some links to some very useful tools. 2 in particular I could see myself using for personal projects. Proguard is used to obfuscate your Java classes…never 100% secure, but deters those other than the really commited. … Continue reading

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Who needs electricity?

I decided to work at home this day. And I’m really glad I did. It turned out to be one of the smartest decisions I’d made in a long time. But it also left me a little puzzled since I … Continue reading

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Installing Tomcat as a service

I needed to reinstall Tomcat as a service this morning. I found this reference which I’d used before in the past but has now disappeared. Luckily Google cached it.This originally appeared on Setting up TomCat 4.1.12 to run as … Continue reading

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Huge list of UML tools

In my RSS aggregator, I was reading about a list of UML tools. What a great resource. It even lists by price…which is very important to me. I like the open source stuff. I tried out the first one, ESS-Model. … Continue reading

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5 Lessons from XP

Five Lessons you should learn from Extreme Programming. This was posted to the XPToronto mailing list. I’m a bit of an XP sceptic. I think there are some good practises, but some of them I can’t adhere to. I’ve never … Continue reading

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Bad hair day or lightning strike?

Last night the weather at our Ultimate game was not the nicest. Overcast and cloudy. About halfway into the game, rain drops started to fall. Rain or shine, it’s game on. Only in the case of lightning are the games … Continue reading

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