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Moving day!

This weekend is moving day. Not for me, but for my fiancee. The wedding is soon and she’s moving in. I just realized last night that it was my last night of living on my own, hopefully for the rest … Continue reading

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How to keep your job – preparations for the future

The Pragmatic Programmers have a powerpoint slideshow about ways to keep your job. As software developers, there are a few impending problems with trying to stay in this profession. i) constantly changing environment with new languages, etc ii)overseas outsourcing. The … Continue reading

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Think you’re not getting paid enough?

If you think you’re not getting paid enough and are poor, check out where you rank in the world. Go to, punch your salary into this site and you’ll see where you are relative to the world’s population. Scary … Continue reading

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The arrival of digital photos

My camera (Fuji Finepix 3800) has finally arrived! It took a while to get here (about 40 days) but it’s finally here. I bought it on eBay and the first one that was shipped was lost somewhere along the way … Continue reading

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Removing Msn Messenger from WinXP

MSN Messenger comes preinstalled on WinXP. For those who don’t use MSN at all or use different software for IM, MSN stays there taking up memory and tray space. I’ve seen lots of convoluted ways to remove it, but this … Continue reading

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