Monthly Archives: January 2004

Leavin’ on a jetplane

I’m heading outta town today. Jenn has surprised me with a trip away. It was supposed to be for my 30th birthday last weekend, but since my passport wasn’t due to arrive, she planned it for this weekend. I’m really … Continue reading

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I’m 30!

Today is my birthday. Creaking around the corner to 30. Do I feel old? Heck no. I feel the same way as I did when I was in university. I still like cool toys, playing Playstation, drawing, skateboarding, snowboarding and … Continue reading

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Java based photo gallery constructor

I found yet another useful (there’s tons of useful ones out there already) photo gallery creator. Most are browser based ones (php, etc) but this one is a Java thick client. Through-The-Lens Gallery Constructor makes easy work of creating a … Continue reading

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Get this song outta my head!

Badgers, mushrooms and a snake!. Why do I find this funny? Rated PG (safe for the office), but throw on some headphones or turn down your speakers.

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Free font – my scribbled printing

You like it? You got it. Download this font and install it on windows and have fun with it. Sorry no linux or mac versions – if you wanna convert it, please do so. I slapped this font together in … Continue reading

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I wanna be Trump’s apprentice

2nd week of NBC’s The Apprentice. I love this show. It’s hilarious! Sam is my favorite because he’s a born loser. He’s been up to be fired 2 weeks in a row and has squeeked out of it again. The … Continue reading

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Quality is a luxury which is not in the project plan?!?

I was reading a usually funny dilbert-esque blog (Richard Saunders, a recently appointed team lead who doesn’t want the lead role) and his latest posting really irked me. Richard weaves a delightful little story about how a new hire “has … Continue reading

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