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Multiple databases specified in

Looking at a little tool project and I’m going to give Hibernate another kick at the can. Used it before on another small project in the past. On this project, I’ll be connecting to 2 different datasources. The first datasource … Continue reading

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Archive ant target

Lance has a snippet you should add to your ant scripts to make backups of your code. I have a similar target (listed below), but I like the way he does his with prefixes and additional excludes. I first created … Continue reading

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I am the next Barbie doll

This one made me laugh out loud. From the Gothamist… Supposed new love interest for Barbie, “Blaine,” sounds like a loser as well…not to mention gay. Ken has been retired and there’s a new man on the scene. The replacement … Continue reading

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Turning 30 in NYC

Jenn had been planning for a long time a big surprise for my 30th birthday. She definitely surprised me this weekend. It was supposed to be the weekend before, but my passport expired on my birthday and I wasn’t the … Continue reading

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