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If you’re about to hit something…turn. Get back on track.

Last night I got down to business actually coding again. After one of my last posts on not working fast enough, I entered the evening mentally willing myself to try to work as fast as possible. Soon after starting, I … Continue reading

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Tony’s got a book published

The busblog has gone to paper. Tony’s published a book through cafepress. This is such a great idea. I’m interested to see what’s inside. At 210 pages, that’s some serious work. I’d recently been thinking that it would be cool … Continue reading

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Bowling – the next in cool

I knew it was only a matter of time before I could show off my elementary school-era talent once again. Bowling is becoming hip again. A new bowling bar (don’t think of a smoky, musty bowling alley) is opening up … Continue reading

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Where’s the slowdown?

Things are super busy. Late night at work cause I was in late. Home inspection today. Closing next week. Moving a few weeks later. Painting & general house puttering before the move. J & I both have personal stuff going … Continue reading

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Super Size Me copycat

A guy is trying to get some attention by drinking Pepsi Spice (I don’t even think we have this in Canada) for 45 days. No other liquids are allowed. Sneezing, bloody nose, diarrhea, swollen tongue, weight gain – sounds like … Continue reading

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Work faster. Plan later.

Paul Graham has another essay to ponder. One point he makes is that good software developers don’t overly plan their entire program. “Systematic” is the last word I’d use to describe the way good programmers write software. Code is not … Continue reading

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32 inch canvas

On Friday night, I went to a show opening for my brother in law, Alist. He was contacted to do some artwork for a touring show of graphics on skateboard decks. When he showed me the boards the week before, … Continue reading

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New site design

I’ve got a new site design I’ve posted over the weekend. I’m redoing the photos site as well. I was never really happy with the last design of that one especially. The comments were never working correctly. For some reason … Continue reading

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