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More Cowbell!

A little humour for the holidays – I’ve been looking for this one for a while. “I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.” Download the video [Windows Media, 4M] of the SNL skit. Will Ferrell shines … Continue reading

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Holy crap it’s cold!

-34 deg with the wind chill today! That’s crazy. And this happens to be the first day I have to take the train into work and then do a bunch of walking. Jenn was nice enough to drive me to … Continue reading

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Who did I sit next to on the subway yesterday? Nooobody! important.

Former mayor Mel Lastman rode the rocket yesterday sitting across from me. A few people did double takes as they walked by him on the platform and whispered and pointed him out to their friends. A couple people actually said … Continue reading

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Great XP|Agile book for free download has a great book for free download as a pdf. I flipped through the first chapter which has a quick intro to refactoring to remove duplicate code. The following chapters get a bit tougher I’m sure. What I really … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter – not funny, not smart.

What stupid remark can I think up now? I’m really not a politically driven person, but when idiots get airtime to spew their propoganda and think it’s funny it drives me crazy. This video from pieces together two such … Continue reading

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Danny Way videos

Danny has a ton of videos on the site for viewing. An amazing skateboarder, he went pro at the age of 12 and he’s at least 30 years old now I believe. He’s also got 2 world records to … Continue reading

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Fake it as a Canadian when you travel

I guess we should feel proud. From CNN: An American T-shirt company has a solution for their fellow citizens who want to vacation in Europe without having to answer questions about U.S. politics — pose as Canadians. For $24.95, … Continue reading

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American Purple Hearts

Here’s an article with stories on some American soldiers who were injured in Iraq. Very gripping stories. Click the image to start the process to get your free iPod.

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