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Don’t use null or -1 in your unwritten methods

Doesn’t feel quite this bad. Tim Bray’s error in unit testing gives a great suggestion on a better way to test, rather than putting return null; and return -1; in your empty uncompleted methods. Instead, throw an exception: throw new … Continue reading

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I spoke too soon

Create collage images as desktop wallpapers. I spoke a day too soon. Picasa released 2.0 of their photo management software and now I think this definitely edges out Adobe’s free Photoalbum SE offerings. Picasa has added some useful new features … Continue reading

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I met the author of DDOI today.

This morning I caught the streetcar into work and recognized a face but wasn’t sure if I was right. Sure enough, once we both got off the streetcar, I saw him pull out his camera and start taking pictures. I … Continue reading

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Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 SE is now free.

Adobe’s Photoshop Album 2.0 SE is free for the download. I’m not at all surprised this happened. Adobe realized they need to jump on board this whole tagging thing to keep their market share. Apple’s iPhoto comes on new Macs … Continue reading

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10 years to solve the browser bookmark problem?

Did it seriously take 10+ years to find a decent way to use browser bookmarks? has taken off in a huge way. Bookmarks were never useful to me and I always ended up abandoning them. Many techy folk have … Continue reading

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Next significant purchase: Mac Mini

I’ve been wanting to get a Mac for a while now. I even almost bought an old used G3 back in the summer. Now that the Mac Mini has been released, this is the perfect price range for me to … Continue reading

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Hey Ya! in Toronto

Keep your eyes peeled for half of the dynamic duo Outkast. Andre 3000 is in town starting filming today. He’s filming “Four Brothers” with “Marky-Mark” Wahlberg and Tyrese. I’ve always been a huge Outkast fan. I’ve got all 6 or … Continue reading

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Surfing massive waves

After the recent tsunami tragedy, there’s actually groups of surfers that are looking to surf a tsunami. Reading on this, I came across this big-wave surfing video. I can’t believe the swell of this wave and how huge it gets. … Continue reading

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