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Informa API Summary

I’ve been looking through the Informa API recently for RSS work in Java and making some rough notes in hopes of understanding the classes (some are interfaces, but I list them in general as implementations). I haven’t listed all classes, … Continue reading

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iPod is mine

Last night I finally splurged and picked up an iPod. I’d been watching the models and searching for a great deal. I found a posting to about iPods being sold at Costco. Sure enough they’re there and I saved … Continue reading

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Google Desktop tagging

This morning I was contemplating an upcoming routine machine cleaning. I’ve got a lot of files which accumulate on my desktop and after a while I take a hard approach and sort or trash each one. I keep files on … Continue reading

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My photoblog is hot!

I was just looking through my server logs for my new photosite and a few of the referrers were from! I’m #32 on the list of hot photographers “that have generated the most interest among users over the … Continue reading

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Photoblog is reopened for business []

I’ve redone my photoblog site yet again. This time I think it’s maintainable for a while. I’ve scaled down the photos a bit, I’ve got some new photo techniques I’ve been using and I’m really going to try to keep … Continue reading

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