Informa API Summary

I’ve been looking through the Informa API recently for RSS work in Java and making some rough notes in hopes of understanding the classes (some are interfaces, but I list them in general as implementations). I haven’t listed all classes, just ones that look important to me or which I might actually use. But there’s not that many that I have excluded. This is based on version 0.5.5. 0.6 is the most recent version.

User - holds Channel subscriptions for user objects
Category - a category for the Channel/item (software/work)
Channel - what I usually call a RSS feed or stream. The entire contents of a feed
ChannelBuilder - like a Channel factory
ChannelGroup - a container for multiple channels. Used as the entry point for an app using Informa
ChannelSubscription - holds the details on if/when a Channel should be updated.
Cloud - ? no idea, never seen used
Feed - metadata carrier about the Channel (content-type, last updated, copyright, location, etc)
IdGenerator - used to generate an ID key (weak algorithm based on system time)
Image - image object in the Channel object model
Item - a Channel item, link to an article. Usually multiples per Channel.
ItemEnclosure - RSS enclosure item (attachment)
ItemGuid - news item guid identifier (can be the permalink)
ItemMetadata - metadata for news item (read status, score (relevance in search))
ItemSource - the source of the item source (location & timestamp)
TextInput - text input field. never seen used. could be a search form as an example
ChannelFormat - Atom & RSS constants
FeedParser - reads in RSS Channels. there’s a main() here as well – testing?
OPMLParser - reads OPML format to get a collection of Channels
ChannelRegistry - maintain Channels with update intervals
ConditionalGetValues - only get Channel updates if it has been modified
FeedManager - manage feeds, not sure when to use this over other classes
FeedManagerEntry - entry in FeedManager for each feed
FeedRefreshDaemon - refreshes feeds periodically
FormatDetector - determine RSS or Atom & version
HttpHeaderUtils - use to only get Channel if updated
ItemComparator - for sorting feed Item order

Can anyone explain what Cloud is? I’ve never seen this concept in terms of syndication feeds.

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  1. Jeryl COok says:

    close is what an RSS publisher would implement , it could be SOAP or XML-RPC..if the channel changes, and an RSS reader has registered with the Cloud(XML-RPC), the RSS reader would instantantly update the channel on the client.

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