I’m going to be published!

28mm.org was accepting submissions for a coffeetable book of photography and I picked 4 of my best candidates for submission. It was one of those to-do tasks that sat in my list forever and on the final night before the deadline I stayed up really late and put together my submission. Today I got an email back and I got accepted. I’m ecstatic! So I’m going to be published! Getting published was one of my goals I set for myself with my photography and I feel very satisfied that I’ve completed the goal…now to set more goals.
It looks like the books will be published in the summer. I’ll definitely be picking up a couple of copies. I’m amazed I’ll be in the leagues of some great (IMO) photographers. I don’t know who all is included in the book, but I know the works of some of the regular contributors to 28mm.org and it’s a good crowd to have my photos shown with. I can’t show which photos I submitted as one of the rules for the submission is that the photos haven’t been posted to a blog or any other sites. You’ll just have to wait and pick up a copy of the book or take a look at my 10 copies.

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2 Responses to I’m going to be published!

  1. nat says:

    That’s huge! Well done and i hope it turns out great!

  2. Barbara/Walter Brown says:

    How do you do that? It must be all that spare time you have. HA! HA!
    Go for it!

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