DeliciousMind = + MindMap

I coded up a quick java console application to convert bookmarks into a visual mindmap which can be viewed in Freemind, an open source mindmap tool. Mindmaps are graphical tree structures which have a bunch of uses.

Here’s an example of what your bookmarks could look like:

When you’re viewing your bookmarks in Freemind, you can even click on the each node and it will launch the bookmark into your browser. I find this to be a much easier way of visually sorting, viewing and remembering what you’ve bookmarked.

Read more about DeliciousMind and download it here.

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9 Responses to DeliciousMind = + MindMap

  1. Thats pretty nifty, but I don’t want to have to fire up an application to look at my bookmarks. It would be nice if it could do a nicer job of exporting to HTML. Possibly a image map. And from the command line so I could automate it.

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  3. txxt says:


  4. billy says:

    How do I launch it? I don’t know Java, but I have it and the xml ready to go. TIA.

  5. Blaine says:

    To convert the xml file to a mindmap file, use the following command
    deliciousmind.cmd delicious.xml

  6. BillyG says:

    WOW, you really are a funny guy.

    I have the file, I meant what do I do after that?

    Your instructions get up to that point and then say “you should be able to figure out the java part” which is exactly why I said in my last that I’m not hip to java…

    I actually did get this done a year ago , but I don’t remember how the heck I did it, and I have a heck of a lot more tags in there now. Curiously though, I’m only getting a screen’s worth of data (maybe 50 or so records), no where near the 10000 (which I didn’t get pulled from them anyway, even though I tried).

  7. BG says:

    thanks a lot asshole

  8. Blaine says:

    thanks for the pleasant comments billy (
    i’ve been a little occupied with other stuff, so i haven’t been able to check all my comments lately.

    if you have the file, you’re done. open it in Freemind. You don’t need DeliciousMind at that point.

  9. Will says:

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