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iPod DJ

One of the neat features of the iPod is using the disc wheel to move around within a song. Click the wheel, scroll the marker to a point in the song and it plays from there. I was playing by … Continue reading

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Segway & Spaghetti?

I saw my first Segway scooter a couple weeks ago and saw them again today. The first time, I was sitting at a restaurant, looking out a window when all of a sudden on the sidewalk in front of me, … Continue reading

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File Chaos becomes Organization – tag your files for searches

I’m still on the GTD fever and I’ve been doing well with clearing out my inbox. I’m also trying to find a way of keeping all my files structured and organized. I’ve still never been able to find a way … Continue reading

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Which Java MVC Framework to use?

I’ve got an idea for a web application I want to prototype and I was originally going to try to whip it up in Ruby on Rails (oh no! another convert!) but then I remembered I don’t know RoR yet … Continue reading

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Track mortgages and rates

I found a good site for tracking mortgages and information on the mortgage and financial industry. Mortgage Central gives daily updates on mortgage rates and markets affecting mortgages. If you’re interested in keeping an eye on mortgage rates, add Mortgage … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done

I’ve been reading a lot about David Allen’s Getting Things Done techniques for better organization and acheiving more structure for working. Merlin Mann writes a great blog, 43 folders with lots of tips for organizing your life. Check the … Continue reading

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What makes the iPod so successful?

As I was driving in the car this weekend, I realized what makes the iPod so superior to other portable music players – the software solution. I chose my 5-star rated playlist and realized this was a huge advantage over … Continue reading

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