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Two Artists

Image property of Robert Vanderhorst. I took a quick look at a gallery show down the street from my office on my lunch break. I saw it advertised last year, but never made it to there. Robert Vanderhorst is a … Continue reading

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A useful Hungarian Notation

I just finished reading Joel On Software’s latest essay on Making Wrong Code Look Wrong and it actually presents a good case for using Hungarian Notation.

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Looking for a tabbed shell for WinXP

This is a call to the software world…has anyone found a tabbed shell application for Windows? I’m going crazy with 4 dos sessions open in separate shell instances. Why hasn’t anyone created the equivalent of Konsole or Terminal for the … Continue reading

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eBay – a photo tour of Italy for sale for your favorite action figure

I don’t know where my boss comes up with these ideas, but he’s got some funny ones. He’s going to Italy for a trip and he’s got an auction on eBay to bring along your favorite action figure, or toy, … Continue reading

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Kenny vs Spenny – a sighting

This morning, walking into work I spotted Kenny Hotz just in front of me waiting outside of a bank machine. I had to stop to talk to him. For those who aren’t familiar with him (and there’s probably lots) he’s … Continue reading

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Bennifer2 is in town

Bennifer2 is in town. Affleck is filming a movie, and it’s 4 blocks from my office. Garner flew in and they’ve been spotted around town. I’ve got my eyes peeled. I walked past the shoot when I was out for … Continue reading

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Free Sun Java Developer Days in Toronto

I wonder if I could go to this instead of being at the office: Code Maneuvers 05, is a series of Developer Days, hosted by Sun Microsystems, that combine tactical developer insights with practical programming execution, to provide vision, direction … Continue reading

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The challenge – 365 days

I’ve been looking at the Nikon D70 for a while, as the prices slowly drop. And I’ve been wanting to get it for while. But I also have a habit of jumping into purchases and just buying whatever I want, … Continue reading

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