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Officially published photography

Today they arrived. I am ecstatic. My official printed copy of 28mm‘s photography book. Actually, 3 copies. I got a couple extras to share and keep. And they’re well printed, a nice clean design to not distract from the photos. … Continue reading

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$2500 buys a lot of fans

Think of how many fans I could buy with all that money… So we finally turned our air conditioner on about 2 weeks ago when we had a blazing heat wave. Worked great and the house was chilling. A week … Continue reading

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What street are we on?

A couple weeks ago, we drove to a suburban area outside of Detroit for some outlet mall shopping and we continually found ourselves on this street. Creative naming. Must have been some fratboys that made it into the local urban … Continue reading

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Waiter, there’s something in my soup

No thanks, I’ll just have a sandwich instead. I found this at my local grocery store and had to take a photo.

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Back in business

My server was a bit messed up for a few days and I was unable to post. I got behind in my photos site because of this, but as of this evening, I’m back in business. Let the posting resume.

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