$2500 buys a lot of fans

Think of how many fans I could buy with all that money…

So we finally turned our air conditioner on about 2 weeks ago when we had a blazing heat wave. Worked great and the house was chilling. A week later, the thermostat wouldn’t go any lower than 80 deg. Not cool at all. I finally got an A/C serviceman in today and right off the bat, just listening to it, he could hear the compressor wasn’t kicking in. Great…I know those aren’t cheap. They’re about 90% of the price of the unit. Swapped out a capacitor (hoping for the cheap fix), but that didn’t work. Put a booster on there in case the ballbearings had seized – no luck with that either. Looks like the compressor is the culprit.
I’m a bit hesitant and suspicious though. The a/c unit is under 4 years old, in a 4 year old house. I though the unit would have lasted for much longer than that. I’m going to ask around the neighbourhood to see if anyone else has seen similar problems.

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