Officially published photography

Today they arrived. I am ecstatic.

My official printed copy of 28mm‘s photography book. Actually, 3 copies. I got a couple extras to share and keep. And they’re well printed, a nice clean design to not distract from the photos. Hundreds of photographers applied to be selected, 51 were chosen. And I’m one of them. I had mentioned before that I was trying to get published. I didn’t want to say too much and jinx it until I had the physical copies in my hands. I haven’t even told my friends yet.

The book should be available for order to the general public in a couple of weeks. It won’t be something you can just pick up at a bookstore, but it has an ISBN number so maybe it could eventually sell at or somewhere similar. I’ll post ordering details later once it’s available. If you like coffee table books on photography, this is a nice one to have.

But now I can talk about it. And talk I will. This takes my photography one step further than just a fun hobby. In a couple years, I hope to have improved my craft, expanded my portfolio significantly, and perhaps publish a book of my own work, or begin to sell some of my work. For now, I’m happy to show it daily and share what I see as much as possible. Each day I can see that book on my coffee table or in my bookshelf and be reminded of what I accomplished and to keep progressing.

Say cheese!

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6 Responses to Officially published photography

  1. San Viko says:

    Congrats eB, who would have thought that a guy wandering with his camera at pick-up ultimate games a few years ago would eventually be published. Nice photo.

  2. Nicole says:

    Huge congrats. This is amazing and just the beginning, I’m sure. You’ve got such a fine eye- always capturing the moment in an original, particular and sensitive way. Can’t wait to see the book! Monte Clark watch out!

  3. P & W Kendall says:

    As always, you make your Mom and Dad proud. Congratulations.

  4. ALIST says:

    good stuff b, aren’t you the same guy that crashed into lindsay lohan’s car trying to get that “perfect shot” ?

  5. B & W Brown says:

    Congratulations Blaine, keep up the good work. The pictures are beautiful. You sure have a eye for colour and content. I love the “black crow”, Walter loves the “black geese”. Have we a theme going here?! The statuary pictures are wonderful. I’ll keep looking for updates. Who knows, someday we will be invited to the opening of your gallery!
    Love from us both.

  6. Ed { tfk } says:

    Well done! The magazine looks great.

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