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Blog updates

I’ve done some minor updates to the site. Update your rss feed to the site. I’m now using Feedburner to check statistics on the feed. Click on the image to get the new feed. I’ve also added a little graphic … Continue reading

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The Future of RSS is Not Blogs

A good article about how RSS will continue to grow & thrive long after blogs become more popular. I’ve always thought this and rss can be used for any information you want to stay updated with. Stock prices, company news, … Continue reading

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Tech Support Hilarity

A friend of mine bought a router & wireless card for his laptop. I’ve been helping him over the phone a couple nights ago to get it setup. He didn’t have his account info, so I told him to give … Continue reading

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Turning Dashboard off, and other Tiger gripes

That’s right, I’m turning the new Mac OSX 10.4 Dashboard feature off. I came across this DashOnOff software yesterday and I really thought about how much I use Dashboard. Very close to 0. Looking at the system info, each widget … Continue reading

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Rails 0.13 is released

Another release of Rails is out. I’ve been playing around with Ruby & Rails in my spare time and big for this release is Ajax additions. Read the Rails weblog for more. It’s backwards compatible with previous releases as well.

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