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Kanye West Mashup

via Someone’s gone and mashed up Kanye West’s College Dropout disc, ala Jay-Z’s Black Album. 10 tracks, with nice album art to print as well. Get it while it’s available, before the lawyers step in and shut it down. … Continue reading

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“Throw your diamonds up like you’re bulimic”

Yesterday was the big Marc Ecko’s Getting Up festival here in Toronto. It was a 2 day event, but I only went to Sunday’s show. My good pal Vik was out for the day with me. It started at 1pm, … Continue reading

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what’s rss for?

I was at a BBQ on the weekend and a friend of mine had been reading this site (this post in particular) and he asked me…”what’s rss”. Good question. I frequently forget this stuff isn’t common knowledge yet and could … Continue reading

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very random moment

I had a strange request on my way to work this morning. I was passing a semi-old lady who was walking away from me and turned back to ask me something when she saw me coming. She kept hollering at … Continue reading

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