A History of Youth

Summer 2004 camping trip
On Saturday night, Jenn and I went to see A History of Violence. I’ve been awaiting the opening for this as I missed it at the recent Toronto Film Festival. I like Viggo’s work and he’s recently said this is “his best work” or something to that effect. That says a lot after playing a major part in the legendary Lord of the Rings. We were running late to get it, grabbed our tickets and got to the guy with the very rewarding job of ripping the stub off your ticket as you enter towards the theatre area. The following conversation ensued:

Ticket-guy: “Enjoy your show. (he looks up from the ticket and looks at me) Wait a minute. Are you over 18?”
Me: “You’ve got to be kidding me. Thanks though.”

I didn’t bother even stopping. I’m pushing 32 and he questions me being 18. I’m almost double 18. As we were walking off, he realized his mistake and kinda joked it off.

I guess when I’m 50 and I’m questioned if I’m over 35, I’ll be really appreciative. For now, I intend on staying young for a very long time.

Oh yeah…I really enjoyed the movie. I’ll be checking out the DVD as well so I can pause it at some of the brutal scenes that go by too fast.

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