Touch The Sky!

I gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly……For the day i die, I’ma touch the sky

Tonight’s gonna be a fun time. I surprised J with a pair of tickets to the Kanye West concert tonight. This will be the 3rd time I’ve seen him. Her first. When the tour was announced, I decided she might like to see him, so I ordered a set of tickets when they went on sale but never told J about it. Then shortly after that, he was on Saturday Night Live. She watched his performance and said “If he ever comes on tour here again, I want to go see him”. Perfect! She didn’t know about the tour at all, nor did she know I had got tickets. I kept it secret until just a few days ago when I gave her the tickets. She was jumping up and down! She liked College Dropout a lot, but loves Late Registration. The CD is constantly in the car stereo.

We’ve got great seats tonight, near the front of the stage. I’m looking forward to seeing J excited when he comes on. And yesterday just happened to be our 1.5 year wedding anniversary (heck, I’ll take credit for any kind of anniversary that I can). It should be a blast tonight. Maybe I’ll even get some photos.

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