The benefit of switching

For the past 2 evenings after work, I have been reminded of the benefit of switching to my new Mac. The Mac just always works, you don’t have to mess around with it.

Earlier this week, on my PC (I still need it for some tasks) I somehow got a virus (funny that it happened around the same time as I was upgrading my firewall – another thing I don’t have to mess with on the Mac). So I’ve spent the past 2 evenings trying to remove this virus. And it was a tricky one. It was a DLL loading into memory before I could login to shut it down and I couldn’t delete the file as it was in use, so Windows locks the file. Rebooting in Safe Mode wouldn’t work either. I cleared the file out of the registry as well. The virus scanners could detect it (thankfully), but couldn’t repair or delete the file either as it was in use. Soooo frustrating.

I finally had to resort to downloading a Linux Live CD (Lindows, actually), booting that CD and then going into the Windows file system to delete the file. Such a hack just to prevent stupid issues.

2 nights of productivity gone. Think of what you earn per hour. Add up those hours for the 2 evenings of work lost. Still think a Mac is more expensive than a PC? Add the cost of all your wasted time from virus prevention, configuration, windows updates & reboots and you’ll see the total cost of ownership for a PC is much more than a Mac. And that’s just on one occasion. Stuff like this happens at least once a month. When I first started using my Mac, I immediately noticed I didn’t have to do this stuff anymore, it all just worked.

This weekend, I plan on spending some time at my Mac. Just enjoying using it. Not worrying about frustrating viruses, updates, etc. As soon as I sit at the Mac, it’s just ready to do what I want to do, not what the computer wants to prevent me from doing.

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