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just do something already

Along the lines of Joel’s Fire and Motion article, the guys at 37signals are on the right track: If you find yourself talking more than walking, shut up, cut the vision in half, and launch it. You can always fill … Continue reading

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first day riding this season

I got an early start to the snowboard season this year. On Sunday, Dec 18 I went riding with my bro Ben (of course), and friends Betty, John & Luq to Blue Mountain in Collingwood. Ontario ski hills aren’t something … Continue reading

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Rails gets official

Rails 1.0: Party like it’s one oh oh! Ruby on Rails goes 1.0 finally and even gets a 37signals visual overhaul. Upgrade now. 37signals Technorati Tags: Ruby on Rails, 37signals

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stomach flu

Nasty. I felt like I was getting sick as I was going to sleep last night. But I thought I was just tired and needed some sleep. By the time I got to bed, I knew something wasn’t right. An … Continue reading

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Ruby on Rails book review and cheatsheet

Along with many software coders, I’ve become a Ruby on Rails fan as well. I’ve had an interest in it for a while after reading so many websites talking about productivity gains. Its simplicity and speed of getting an application … Continue reading

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