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the toughest time of my life

it’s such a turnaround from my previous posting. things seemed to be going so great. 3 days later, jan 25 2006, the worst day of my life. i don’t want to reveal details, those who know me know what has … Continue reading

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i’m 32

i turned 32 today. the numbers keep getting up there. every one sounds that much older. i’m very happy where i am in life. work is good. very happily married. live in a great city. vacations are planned. i actually … Continue reading

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Windows XP and Vista Side-by-Side

BentUser – Windows XP and Vista b5270 Side-by-Side BentUser does a comparison of Windows XP and Windows Vista to show the new improvements. But really, I think this is a comparison with Windows XP and how much Vista is trying … Continue reading

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I’m going to Austria!

I can’t believe it! At the start of the year, I proposed we head to Alaska to try out some new areas. After seeing too many snowboard videos where people sat in Alaska hotels waiting for the rain to stop, … Continue reading

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2 legit 2 quit

Where are my parachute pants when I need them?

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Can’t what?

I had a childish chuckle when I saw this jumbled signboard. Bedwetting isn’t the solution you should be looking for.

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