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I’ve grown such a list of Firefox extensions, I should post a list so I can keep track for the time comes to reinstall everything. In no particular order, here they are….

  • Linky – view a pagefull of images from a pagefull of links. Useful when checking out your friend’s photo galleries.
  • Forecastfox – what’s the weather like?
  • PDF Download – I hate PDFs opening in the browser because it locks up my system (I blame Acrobat Reader bloat, not Firefox). Now I have the choice to open them or download them.
  • IE View – open a link in Internet Explorer instead
  • IE Tab – open a link in a new Firefox tab with Internet Explorer embedded in it (this is essential for my work)
  • BugMeNot - saves me having to go to to lookup guest usernames/password. Don’t use this much.
  • Web Developer – useful for web development, viewing details about websites, css.
  • Tab Mix Plus – Tabbed browsing on steroids. Now control all your tabbed browsing options.
  • Aardvark – great for printing webpages so you can eliminate all the adds, banners and other junk which waste paper and ink
  • DownThemAll – a download manager to grab all the links off a page and download multiple files.
  • Plain Text Links – if there is an unlinked URL on the page, highlight it and this will open the link for you. Don’t bother cutting and pasting.
  • – quicker access to my saved links and fills in some of the forms when tagging new pages.
  • Colorzilla – color chooser so you can investigate colors inside the browser, rather than with a bunch of other tools.
  • Screengrab – take a screenshot of the entire browser window, even down past the fold.

What extensions can’t you live without? Leave a comment on your favorites.

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4 Responses to Firefox extensions

  1. Nathan Lee says:

    Adblock? Although there have been some issues with newer version and the like.. I find after you set up a few wildcard patterns, you never see ads again.

    I agree with a few from your list that are essential:
    Screengrab one is fantastic I think. Have used it many a time.. Whenever I’m working on web apps or HTML I can’t live without the web developer plugin.. The person who created it deserves a medal!

    Forecast fox I found quite handy too.. But can live without it.


  2. lyricnz says:

    What about “Update Notifier”? Adds a little icon to your toolbar that checks for updates to new themes and plugins, and offers to download/install them. Also NoScript for protecting you from javascript nonsense, but allowing you to enable it (either permanently or for just this session) on a site-by-site basis

  3. MAtej Puntar says:

    Web Developer
    PDF Download
    for reading from a page under hevy load ( or effect)

  4. theGeologician says:

    absolute can’t-live-withouts:

    easyGestures! Opens a little nav-menu on middle-clicking (context-sensitive, if you want to), arranged in a circle around the spot where you clicked. So after about 30 seconds after installing it, you’re absolutely used to open/switch/close tabs by just click-moving (=mouse gestures)…

    StumbleUpon is a realy innovative way for people to share their interests and experiences of web-surfing. Sites get tagged by the first visitor, others might “stumble upon” them depending on their stored interests and just have to choose if they “like it” or not – so over time, you more and more stumble upon sites that really fit your interests and that you might have never heard of otherwise. The drawback of course is a pretty detailed digital fingerprint of your surfing interests…

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