where’s Blaine been?

A few people have asked me…”where have you been?”. I just started a new position at work in the last couple weeks so I’ve been heads down for a little while trying to get my brain wrapped around it. I’m glad to announce I’m back to regular blogging and the photo site and flickr should be coming alive again soon I’ve been changing the workflow of my photography editing and it’s added a lot more work to be able to produce each photo. Still something I have to improve on.

A quick update:
* New work position – we have a new product with a bunch of components which are built around the world in different software labs. So I’m the Program Manager for all those components. It apparently will be a lot of the same of what I’ve been doing for the past 4 years at Quest Software [qsft], makers of the best J2EE performance diagnostic tool available, PerformaSure. Now I’m doing it on a much bigger scale with a lot more people. I’m looking forward to the challenge and stepping my game up.

* Gym – still going regularly to the gym. I haven’t missed a scheduled day since I joined in January. I’ve got a new trainer and we’ve started a new program. Day 1 – legs & back. Day 2 – chest & traps. Day 3 – biceps & triceps. It’s going really well, I totally see a difference in my size improving. I’ve packed on 15lbs so far. My initial goal was 20lbs so I’m closing in and I’ll see how far I can go from there. Each day, my goal is – eat! It’s harder than it sounds. I can only spend so much time in a day to prepare and eat food. My trainer tells me to gobble anything, even junkfood as my body needs calories – lots of em to keep up with my energy requirements. Don’t be jealous.

* The summer! It’s in full swing and I need to get outside more. Since I’m not playing ultimate frisbee this season, I’m pretty un-tanned so far. Lots of activity happening soon so that should change. A trip to Halifax in July. A trip to Vancouver in September. Camping in August at Crotch Lake (insert your own jokes here – there’s lots of ‘em). The first long weekend starts now and I hope the weather stays great.

Let the weekend begin.

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