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the photoblog is back

a long road ahead i’m now posting regularly to my photoblog, photo-persistence, again. i stopped posting when i lost my father earlier this year. i was just drained spiritually and artistically and really had no energy for posting photos. in … Continue reading

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tearing up your credit card application? think again

don’t do this. shred that credit card application instead you know all those useless credit card applications you get in the mail? you just rip them in half and throw them in the garbage right? me too. but it turns … Continue reading

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street filming

taken with the trusty nokia 6682 on king st at sherbourne, toronto a common occurance around town. this looks like a tv show. funny when you see a single person on your tv screen you never think about the 6-8 … Continue reading

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protect your camera in harsh environments

if you have to take some photos in moist/sandy/harsh environments, here’s some tips on how to keep your camera protected from the elements. Camera Zip-lock You’ve got a snazzy digital camera, but you want to take it into a wet, … Continue reading

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sometimes music is actually free

check out this free stack of tunes i got! it’s like christmas Yesterday I walked outside my office building to see a few people with boxes of music CDs, opening the cases, throwing the CDs on the ground and stepping … Continue reading

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EnterTheAlist in London

chinatown world tour The chinatown world tour continues. Alist is in London right now, with his exhibit opening at dpmhi. There’s photos posted there from the show opening as well as the show announcement. Sales of his work are available … Continue reading

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nokia 6682 – for free

A bag full of phone toys nokia is doing a new buzz word-of-mouth promotion giving their phones out to bloggers in the hopes they’ll spread the word online and talking to friends, posting photos and videos taken with the cellphone. … Continue reading

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bought another camera

i bought another camera on the weekend. this one is to replace my original point and shoot, not my slr. i picked up a canon a610. i’ve been looking at it for a while now, the price has been dropping … Continue reading

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