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Nokia 6682

A bag full of phone toys

nokia is doing a new buzz word-of-mouth promotion giving their phones out to bloggers in the hopes they’ll spread the word online and talking to friends, posting photos and videos taken with the cellphone. i’m thankful i met the criteria and it worked out perfectly as I was just starting to look for a new phone as well. it’s all voluntary, no obligation or contracts. i don’t have to do any of this, but since i usually write reviews like this anyways, i have no problem writing a voluntary review as thanks for getting a phone and gear for free. and i’ll even be impartial about it.

Nokia 6682

Fits nicely in the palm of my hand. A bit bigger than most phones, but still small enough.

on with the review… the Nokia 6682 is stacked with features. 1.3mp camera with a flash and does video. mp3 player. bluetooth. big screen. full sync with outlook for contacts, notes and address books. it’s great at keeping everything updated and now i don’t have to check my palm pilot anymore. one less thing to carry around.

the phone sound quality is great. it sounds just like my home phone. no static and the sound quality is good.

the camera is great, at least for a phone. i couldn’t believe the quality of daytime shots. i’ll be trying out some more photos soon. the flash is surprising bright as well for being a led. the sliding cover over the eyepiece is a great touch. my last phone always had dirt & lint on lens from carrying it in my pocket.

recorded video is actually watchable. i’ve tried converting videos to the phone’s 3gp format and they play well and maintain a reasonable filesize. i might convert some ipod videos for watching on my phone since my ipod doesn’t do video.

it’s got a great big screen, nice & shiny. i hope it stays that way. putting the phone in my pocket, i’m sure it’ll get some scratches. i’ve discovered there’s a thin plastic layer on the screen, which the manual mentions to take off. i’ll be keeping mine on until it gets too worn. then i’ll be looking for some replacement stickers.

the UI is nice with lots of colour and tons of menu items. i’m still not used to the menu system. the motorola menus and interface made a lot more natural sense to me. one thing that has been bugging me is menu options change based on which memory card i have in the phone. if i leave in the supplied 64Mb card, i get additional applications (example – voice dialing) and themes. if i browse the card, i don’t see any of these applications or themes from the file manager. if i take out the memory card, i lose these applications and themes. i’ll need to finish reading the manual and hopefully it’ll explain what i’m missing. i don’t seem to be able to edit the menu structure and layout either. minor frustration.

the predictive text entry doesn’t appear to be as good as on the motorola as well. i’m hoping i just haven’t found the best settings to enable it yet. it makes a huge difference when you’re trying to type out a long text message.

the buttons have a good solid feel when you press them with a good layout. function keys work well. the start/end call keys are thin & shiny. i didn’t even realize they’re keys when i first got the phone. there’s also a menu button which takes you to the main menu and shows you which applications are running, like alt-tab on Windows.

it also comes with lots of applications preloaded. quickoffice for viewing ms office documents. pdf viewer. image/video editing. i’m sure you download anything else you’d need. i’ll explore that later.

the bundle of goodies also came with more than just the phone. they threw in a 512mb memory card (good for recording lots of photos and video), a bluetooth earpiece (good for the car), and a set of music earbuds (big and a very strange design) since it’s also an mp3 phone.

the music earphones are weird earbuds, huge, square boxy. not a sleek design. but then again earbuds aren’t their thing. it’s a strange cord wrapping, like thick plastic covered rope. this phone won’t replace my ipod (many reasons – ease of music transfer, settings, capacity), but i’ll keep a few songs on there when i need a tune to listen to. the phone also comes with a connector cord to plug in existing headphones like the ones from your ipod.

the bluetooth wireless headset is very small and lightweight. and the rubber covered ear grips are surprisingly comfortable. i’ll use this in the car when needed.

all in all, i’m very happy with everything, not just because i got it for free. if i needed a full featured phone, i’d definitely consider this one. it’s like a minor blackberry or treo.

- great camera quality
- stylish and sleek
- more than just a phone

- text entry not as powerful as i’d like
- size is a little bigger than most, but that’s expected when you pack in all the features it has
- more than just a phone (sometimes you just need something simple)

if you’re looking for a basic phone to talk to people, this isn’t for you. if you’re looking for a sophisticated phone and don’t want to carry around a camera, palm pilot and ipod as well, this phone is for you.

check out more photos of the nokia 6682 on my flickr page.
6682 6682 6682

if anyone would like to contact me to do a review of their product i’d be definitely happy to do so. email me at blainekendall (at) gmail (dot) com.

other recipients
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13 Responses to nokia 6682 – for free

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  2. Ray says:

    Did you notice any problems with the sliding door cover for the camera at all? Was it loose when you move it and did it vibrate when the ring tone was a bit louder?

  3. Blaine says:

    The door cover is still pretty stable. I even dropped it once out of my bag and it crashed pretty hard. So hard, the memory card cover flipped open and twisted slightly, but still closes fine. The cover doesn’t seem to vibrate at all. Still very solid.

  4. engtech says:

    I’m a little bit worried about door cover myself. I had the cover get lose on one of my digital cameras (Olympus Stylus 300) and it just SUCKED to use after that.

    Blaine, someone posted the solution to the incoming number not displayed problem on my blog! Delete any duplicate entries you have for a number.

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  6. mike says:

    Hi. Thanks for the review. Do you know what max capacity MMC card this phone will take or any limitations of memory card brand that you know of?

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  9. Frankie says:

    Hi there..I would like to know where I can get the free Nokia 6682 and the other stuffs that goes with it. I have brought a few cell phone in the pass. The two company i buy are eitherr motorola or nokia. I have used the motorola in the pass and didn’t enjoy it at all. They alway have some sort of problems with their phone. I enjoy the Nokia phone very much. I have done lots of research on the Nokia 6682. I would like to have one but due to lack of funds, I’m not able to get one. So I would appreciate if you can help me get the free Nokia 6682 with all of its accessories. Thanks.

  10. riawina says:

    hallu, i really2 want to get the nokia 6682 but it’s very expensive for me here in indonesia. i have used the old tipe of nokia phone and it’s already broken. please help me to fine the way how to get this phone for free or at least cheaper from it’s price. thank you very much…

  11. kavumageorge says:

    plesa i wanyt to wimn that phone plase and send to my mail please but myadress is po box 310

  12. Adam says:

    Ha, just picked up a new blackjack II a few weeks ago. Was looking at my old 6682 write and thought I would look around, man, all the good times. It was indeed a good phone and did everything I asked of it.

    The only downfall was not synching with exchange. I will probably still use it as a backup phone for when i’m doing something that may risk damaging my phone.

    Pretty sweet you got yours for free. Hey Nokia, if you’re reading this comment, send me a free phone too :)

    Here is the writeup I did forever ago…ha, funny to compare it to the Razr as the ‘it’ phone, seems like an eternity ago.

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