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weight gain success

i’m not that big. yet. I’ve been very slim all my life and struggled to put on weight. In the past year, I’ve put on 30 lbs of muscle and finally figured out what I was doing wrong and wanted … Continue reading

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nose bidet

I hate to admit this, but i watched Oprah today. My wife was watching and Dr Oz was on. He always explains the embarrassing questions about the body from a doctor’s perspective. All your pooping, farting, gross questions get answered. … Continue reading

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real or not real

It looks so much like a photograph, I can’t believe it’s actually a small model. I would never have the patience to do anything like this. Maybe when I was younger, but my MTV-generation training has bred me for instant … Continue reading

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the holy grail of lazy

convergence has arrived this week at work, we had an interesting package arrive. my dreams have been answered! the tv-microwave-computer is here. it must be a secret stealthy development operation. a partnership to make people as lazy as possible. i’d … Continue reading

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why Apple is the best retailer in America

Apple’s New York City store a very interesting article at CNNMoney about how well Apple’s stores are doing and how much effort was spent on perfecting the shopping experience. “People haven’t been willing to invest this much time and money … Continue reading

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why aren’t there viruses for the Mac?

i always wondered about this as well. and most people always stated that it’s due to market share. why write a virus for <10% (my guess) when you can hit 90% of the market instead with a virus for the … Continue reading

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ruby on rails diagram generator – RailRoad

I came across RailRoad today on another blog. Very cool idea. When I had done some work in the past, I found it hard to remember class names and method names. I’m used to a Java IDE like IDEA to … Continue reading

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sweet computer design

The Dutch manufacturer Nexus Technology launched their idea of the next generation home PC. Nexus is known by enthusiasts for their silent PC components and now they release the final design of the Psile living room PC case. You can … Continue reading

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