back from Whistler

i was on vacation last week, thus the quiet blogging. i went to Whistler, bc for a last couple days of snowboarding for the season. it’s been an epic year at Whistler – 42 feet of snow and counting. yes, that’s right – more than a 4 story building worth of snow. i’ve been there about 5 or 6 times and i’ve never seen snow levels this high, ever. we even got about a foot of fresh snow just before we arrived. you can’t beat riding fresh snow in sunshine and -5degree weather.

I put together a video of all the video clips and photos from the trip. Keep an eye open for the automobile-sized avalanche boulders. Click the arrow to play the video clip.

Click the arrow to play the video clip.

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2 Responses to back from Whistler

  1. Ian says:

    Man – the powder! Looks like you had a sick time. VERY jealous! Makes you realize how lame and overpriced our hills are here.

  2. Blaine says:

    definitely overpriced. we gotta take what we can get i guess

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