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Nasal Clensing Pot or Nose Bidet as I like to call it

My web traffic took a huge spike a couple weeks ago after my posting on the “nose bidet“ or Neti Pot. A Canadian online health store, Aviva.ca, contacted me and since I’d been unable to find a neti pot at any of my local drug stores offered me one to try out. Great offer, and I wanted to try it, so I said sure. I’ve been using Sinus Rinse for the past few weeks, which uses a squeeze bottle technique, and wanted to try a true neti pot.

This week, I got my shipment from Aviva.ca. I had chosen one of their several models of Neti Pots. I was also suprised to receive a great deal more than just the Neti Pot. The box contained a shaker bottle commonly used for mixing powdered health drinks. I also received a bunch of health food supplements and informational product brochures.

The Neti pot itself it very nicely made – a solid ceramic pot, nice enough that you’d think it was something to put with your kitchen dishes. And as expected, the pot worked great. I used a slight saline rinse to wash my sinuses. Since it only uses the gravity flow of the water, it’s less pressure than the squeeze bottle products. A little bit of practise to adjust the angle of my head and the water poured straight through.

If you have sinus and allergy problems and find allergy medicine doesn’t work very well for you, you might want to give a Neti pot a try. And if you’re looking for a place to buy it, Aviva.ca has a selection of a few to choose from.

a large range of products sent to me by Aviva.ca

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3 Responses to aviva.ca – nose bidet

  1. Mahala says:

    I use a product called NeilMed Sinus Rinse. It comes with a squeeze bottle that has a piece that screws on top and it fits perfectly into one nostril…you squeeze the sinus rinse bottle and the rinse comes out the other nostril and your mouth…kinda yucky…feels like you will drown..works miracles.

  2. Blaine says:

    Yeah, as mentioned above, I have Sinus Rinse as well. Makes your eyes water a bit, but gets everything flushed through.

  3. Lara says:

    I had always had problems with nasal products and medicines. I found out the I was sensitive to the active ingredients. I started doing nasal washes with saline and stopped having sinus problems altogether. And now I rarely get colds.

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