Burton 2008 lineup

I was in New York City 2 weeks ago and got to stop in at the Burton store in Soho. I could have spent hours in there, but we were on a clock so I had to shop quickly. Great prices too…some luggage that we really wanted for a great price, but we’ve got an entire closet full already. It also gave me a glimpse at the 2008 board lineup.


This is my dream ride. Light and very tech. When the Vapor came out last year, I had to see it in person. When you’re in a shop, pick up a regular freeride board to judge the weight. Then pick up the Vapor. A significant amount lighter. I’d love to try this out on a demo day. Save some extra cash if you wanna ride this one.


The T6 has a cool new edge dampening under the binding area. I’m not sure if it’s intended to give more flex under the binding area. It looked like it might help stiffen it a bit in those areas. You can see it in the images.

Custom X

My favorite…my ride. I rode a Custom for several years and thought that was the top. Then came the Custom X. I got this last year and it got even better. New this year is a wide version of the Custom X. I’ve got big feet, but would still go with the non-wide version to maintain faster edge to edge responsiveness and better tortional flex. Unless you’ve got size 13s, you don’t really have a choice. Light, great flex, a great all-mountain ride, really stable at top speed and highest quality materials.

EST bindings

The new big thing for Burton’s binding lineup this year is the EST (Extra Sensory Technology) bindings. They’ve gone away from the 3 and 4 hole mounting pattern with this binding and now have 2 mounting points on the side edges. This takes away the solid stiff area under the foot and should give a better boot-to-board feeling. I’d like to try this out to see how well it works. I want to see what the flex pattern is like on the board. The attachments mount to a metal groove that runs the center of the board called “Infinite Channel”. It’s not available for all boards, it looks to be more suited to freestyle, park boards. If it takes off, I’m sure it’ll be available for the all mountain boards next year.

Fall arrived yesterday, winter is on the way. It’s not too soon to get out gear shopping.

All photos, from www.burton.com

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