baby on board

my favorite balloon from the baby shower

oh yeah…in case you haven’t heard, we’re having a baby. that’s also the reason why things have slowed down a big on the blog. i didn’t realize how much goes into just the preparation for a baby. there’s the obvious stuff like getting furniture and clothes ready. but there’s so many other things that go with it. and i make things last that much longer by researching and reviewing almost every item. who knew a diaper garbage would need a pros and cons list to make a decision on which to buy, along with researching friends opinions and consumer reports. haha.

a lot of the big stuff for the baby’s room is bought. i’m planning on painting. we’re looking at getting a larger vehicle. lots of other stuff to buy and cleaning out the house to make room for our 3rd little person.

j’s entering the 3rd trimester and the tiredness is starting to set in. last night the baby started pushing all around and it was a fun yet eerie feeling. I’ve felt kicks already but this is the first time where it felt like the baby was squirming around.

we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl…that’s going to be a surprise until the day of. it makes things harder for people trying to buy us gifts and clothes but i think the surprise is more than worth it.

one of the coolest things that happened was the timing of when we found out. I had a feeling and on Father’s Day (otherwise a depressing day thinking about my Dad) I found out I was going to be a dad myself. In February that is going to be a reality.

so until then, I’m doing lots of errands, helping J as much as possible, reading lots of baby info, and enjoying sleeping through the night while I still can.

is it February yet? I can’t wait.

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