ikea hacking

Ikea hacking

the wardrobe becomes a desk

with the recent clearing of the home office to make way for the baby nursery, i had to find a spot to put the couple computers, photo gear, and store all the normal paperwork, magazines, bills, etc that are necessary in life. but i wanted to do it in a slightly clever way and keep the future home in the basement clutter free and organized.

i spent an afternoon wandering Ikea, looking for the largest storage possibilities i could find. in the end, i found my solution…a wardrobe closet, Pax. The closet is very deep and wide with lots of possibilities for customization. When I saw the possibilities for rolling drawers, I knew I had a winner. This would allow for a pullout keyboard drawer and other drawers for each of the computer components.

i dedicated half of the 2m (6.5 feet) wide closet to being a working desk area and photography storage. the other have would be storage for paperwork, bins with electronics gear, etc. this would keep the clutter away from the daily working area.

it definitely wasn’t the cheapest solution as it rang up about $850 for everything but at least it’s clean and clutterfree. this way my basement den doesn’t look like an office and i can close the sliding doors and hide everything.

view a slideshow of the building process

[update]this was also included at one of my favorite sites, ikeahacker

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4 Responses to ikea hacking

  1. Brian Puccio says:

    Where’d you get the monitor stand and does it come in white, black or silver?


  2. Mike says:

    I too would like to know what you used for the monitor stand. It is the perfect height and keeps a clean look.

  3. ANDY says:

    Is that a 24″ monitor??

  4. Blaine says:

    Yep. 24″ Dell. Fits nicely with lots of extra room.

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