I exercised my right to not vote

Yesterday in Canada was the national election. And this year I didn’t pay too much attention to it. Frankly I was pissed off that yet another election had been called so recently after the last one. The minority rule party just keeps dying the polls looking for a weak point in support for the 2nd party in charge so they can call an election to overthrow them and gain majority power. I know politics is in essence a power struggle but it just seems so inefficient and wasteful to me. Do I want my leaders constantly looking to play “king of the hill” or to work to make Canada a better place?

So this morning I checked the news to see what happened. No surprise, essentially the same result as before the election. Sure some seats have changed hands but no major shift in power. And at what cost? It’s reported that this election cost taxpayers 290 million dollars which I think would have been used better pretty much anywhere other than campaigning for yet another election. And apparently I’m not the only one feeling this way. Voter turnout was at it’s lowest point in a *very* long time.

Leaders, let’s put our heads down and get to work on improving things rather than working against each other.

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