Dude day

What a day. Sometimes fun things can happen without even planning them. What normally would have been a quiet Sunday turned into an adrenaline filled day.

The morning started with swim class for my daughter. At 8 months it’s fun to take her swimming and the fearful neck clasping hugs she gives are so sweet. Special times.

After that I rushed home to head out on the next adventure. My buddy Kevin was in my driveway waiting to go see a Chuck Liddell MMA training session. $150 to take part in instruction, $30 to watch. We chose the watching obviously. I got a ton of photos which I’ll be posting soon. It was interesting to watch him go through some of his favorite moves (the overhand right, etc) and even some ground game. After 2 hours of that there was an hour of Q&A. Lots of expected questions -Randy vs Lesner, EliteXC Kimbo fiasco and was highly critical of EliteXC for buying up the smaller leagues and benching them. This came after taking questions from Mauro, one of the announcers on EliteXC. But overall it was positive and informative. We didn’t stick around for the autograph signing session.

Chuck Liddell and Showdown Joe

I then got a call around 5:30. My friend John was in the neighbourhood and he was going to stop in for a minute to show me something. He showed up on my doorstep with a Porsche Carrera 4S. Drool. A coworker lent it to him for the week while he was out of town. He took me for some hot laps around the city busting it open on some back industrial roads but there’s never a road long enough to try out the full speed of a driving machine like that. A good taste of adrenaline to end the day.

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