makes it in Canada’s National Post newspaper

Pick up a National Post newspaper today, turn to page A15 (first section!!) and you’ll find the url to my photoblog ( The article is about Toronto becomes one of world’s 10 most photographed cities. That doesn’t surprise me. It seems like Toronto has such a huge group of photobloggers and definitely some of the best. But maybe I’m biased.

Thanks to Sam (A Daily Dose of Imagery for sending the report my way. To be included in the list of “noteworthy” photoblogs (of which I’m a subscriber to almost all of them), is always flattering. The last time I was in this league was when I achieved 3rd place in the 2006 Canadian blog awards for “best photo/art blog”

Some noteworthy sites among the Toronto photoblogging community:
A Daily Dose of Imagery (
Photojunkie (
Doublecrossed (
Photo-persistence (
Shrued (
The Electroblog (
Visual Palate (
Mute (
Inconduit (
Ride My Pony (
Saturation (
The Narrative (

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