Glif – iPhone 4 tripod mount

I came across this really cool idea a couple guys made for the iPhone. Since the iPhone is a HD video camera and 5MP still camera, it’s very powerful just as a camera. But…there’s no way to mount it on anything to stabilize it. Until now. These 2 guys designed some prototypes of a mount, tested a few through digital 3D printing and came across a final design. Selling individual orders and getting the company is a gamble starting it up, to see if there’s a demand. takes that risk away. For the Glif, the guys figured it would take $10,000 to get the project off the ground. A fair amount, when you’re selling the item for only $20. Kickstarter allows people to enter an intent to purchase the item, should the baseline funds (10K) get raised. You’re not charged if the minimum amount is raised, the product doesn’t get launched and everyone launched. The guys were hopeful that they could raise $10,000 of orders, and the Glif because so in-demand, they ended up getting pledged purchases of over $137,000. Over 5,000 people wanted to buy the Glif even before it was produced. Quite a successful launch story. So now, the Glif is going into production, and within a few weeks, I’ll have a handy iPhone 4 mount to produce more stable video and photos.

Check out the video below and go visit the project at Glif – iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand. I love the “Royal Tenenbaum’s” style of the video and font.

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