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I came across this FREE app for the iPhone the other day, and I’m loving it. It’s a game changer. The best way I’d describe it is similar to what Flipboard is for reading, Showyou is the same for videos.
Once you install the app, connect to your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, other accounts and any videos your friends post to share with you appear in the Showyou feed. You can then watch those videos immediately, or do like I do and add them to the Watch Later queue. It’s great because it’s customized videos that your friends share with you, but you can choose to watch it when you want. You might not want to watch your nephew’s first bike ride at the office, but you can queue it up to watch at home. I can also watch the videos on my AppleTV via AirPlay. The iPad version of the app is even cooler. It even suggests videos that are viral and getting a lot of plays so you can keep up with all the internet trends.

I’m really happy with this app, but I’ve got some changes I’d like to see made.
1. Change that icon – The Showyou icon looks so flat and simple geometric, a 5 year old could have made it.
2. Add the ability to add to the Watch Later queue without having to click on the video preview first. This is my typical usage and it’s a lot of forward, add, backward clicks to get it in the queue.
3. Implement a true start to finish watching queue. You have to watch a video, start another once it’s done, then start another once it’s done, then start another. I want to go into my Watch Later queue, hit play, output it to AppleTV and watch everything in the queue start to finish.

I really like this app, it’s got a lot of potential, and it’s giving me relative video to watch during the slow summer tv schedule.

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Introducing Showyou
All the videos your friends share in one place on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch



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