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Be frugal with your time

I found this quote inspiring, it’s what I think of frequently. Time is more valuable than money. Frequently ask yourself – am I using my time the best way I can right now? Your time is limited. If we’re fortunate, … Continue reading

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Must listen music of 2011

One thing I really enjoy about the end of the year is the “Best Of” lists, especially for music. I don’t get to pay much attention to all the music happenings and this does some of the sorting for me. … Continue reading

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Hint: Enable AirDrop on older Macs

My work machine is one of the newer unibody MacbookPros and my main home machine is the previous model MacBookPro. I needed to move files between them and decided to try out AirDrop. For some reason I couldn’t find it … Continue reading

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As a kid, doing yardwork was called chores. As a father with kids, doing yardwork is now called relaxation.
Blaine Kendall
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My favorite Podcasts

90% of my time with earplugs in is listening to Podcasts. Music is on for when I’m working and need to focus, but if I’m walking around, commuting, doing work around the house – I’ve got a podcast on. And … Continue reading

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Clean it up

A little housekeeping for something that has been annoying me – the clutter of external drives and backup solutions going on. Dust fills the area. Now the drives are on a raised grid from an excess Ikea drawer insert that … Continue reading

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Worth a Sub: Jay P. Morgan’s Awesome YouTube Channel

Check out this great inside look at an elaborate photo shoot setup. Great to see inside what goes on. Via Strobist: Worth a Sub: Jay P. Morgan’s Awesome YouTube Channel.

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Browse all video suggestions from your friends –

I came across this FREE app for the iPhone the other day, and I’m loving it. It’s a game changer. The best way I’d describe it is similar to what Flipboard is for reading, Showyou is the same for videos. … Continue reading

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