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dinner at blowfish

saturday evening, j and i went to blowfish restaurant for dinner. when we arrived, there was only one other couple there. i instantly recognized muchmusic vj sarah taylor quietly dining. blowfish is a very cool, meticulously designed restaurant. the design … Continue reading

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gum off the streets

This afternoon I went for a walk to grab some lunch and happened across this funny looking post on the sidewalk. It looked like a giant lollypop. After a quick inspection, it turns out it’s a “gum drop-off”. Drop-off makes … Continue reading

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crank was crap

this movie should be put on life support wow. unimpressed. j and i rented crank last night. i’ve been waiting for it to come out to video for a while. my expectations weren’t that high for it, but i did … Continue reading

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a day at the doctors

not my back, but a reasonable facsimile today i had a trip to the doctor’s office. nothing too serious to worry about (don’t worry mom). before xmas i hurt my back a bit at the gym. the weights have gotten … Continue reading

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hardest workout ever

i dress up like a hamster when i workout so nobody will recognize me yesterday i had my hardest workout yet. my trainer gave me a glimpse into what my program will be like after the holidays. it was chest … Continue reading

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matchstick/nokia interview

matchstick folks get the camera turned on them. that’s not me on the left – it’s my doppleganger, jeff from matchstick. i was contacted last week by matchstick, the company that was so nice to include me in their nokia … Continue reading

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My photo published on

image published on Imagine my surprise this morning as I’m reading Torontoist, going through the items and see a very familiar image appear. “HeY! Wait a minute! That’s my photo.” Unfortunately, the photo was used about a sad story … Continue reading

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32 inch canvas

On Friday night, I went to a show opening for my brother in law, Alist. He was contacted to do some artwork for a touring show of graphics on skateboard decks. When he showed me the boards the week before, … Continue reading

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