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Must listen music of 2011

One thing I really enjoy about the end of the year is the “Best Of” lists, especially for music. I don’t get to pay much attention to all the music happenings and this does some of the sorting for me. … Continue reading

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My favorite Podcasts

90% of my time with earplugs in is listening to Podcasts. Music is on for when I’m working and need to focus, but if I’m walking around, commuting, doing work around the house – I’ve got a podcast on. And … Continue reading

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iPhone 3G will get video. later

via i’ve been thinking about this more today…i was disappointed that my 3G iPhone didn’t get video in the update. Video recording is only available in the new 3Gs version. Which didn’t make sense. The 3G is capable of … Continue reading

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Album of the year – last year

88 Keys – Death of Adam I keep coming back to this album over and over. To say I’ve listened to it a lot is an understatement and it’s definitely my most played album of the last year. 88 Keys … Continue reading

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yvonne of just pointed me at a new online music listening service. i’ve seen a lot of these, but this one’s different. listen to music and see graphical relationships at you can select your musical genres, what kind … Continue reading

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iPod Touch

iPod Touch – all that I wanted I was right! After Apple announced the iPhone, I felt a bit left out…I wanted all those features in an iPod, especially the widescreen video. It’s the reason I held off upgrading to … Continue reading

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where is the widescreen ipod?

watch a demonstration of the apple iphone in action In yesterday’s MacWorld keynote address, Steve Jobs introduced the now very popular Apple iPhone. But after the keynote address was over, I still felt lost. What about me? The music listener/show … Continue reading

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sometimes music is actually free

check out this free stack of tunes i got! it’s like christmas Yesterday I walked outside my office building to see a few people with boxes of music CDs, opening the cases, throwing the CDs on the ground and stepping … Continue reading

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