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Connecting FileMaker Pro to MySQL

I’m doing a trial of FileMaker Pro 11 on my Mac for a work project. Part of that, I want to incorporate some existing data out of a MySQL database. FM Pro allows for ESS (external SQL sources) with an … Continue reading

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Flight board as a project status indicator

Part of my job as a Project Manager is communicating project status or feature status. Stoplight charts, status reports, etc…lots of ways. But a while back when I was looking at my favorite task tracking software, Things, I found their … Continue reading

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2009 web trends

A cool visualization of this year’s web trends leaders. View it large – really large on flickr. found via swiss-miss

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Across from PHP blvd…

The person in charge of street name assignments in this neighborhood obviously is a fan of some agile programming languages.

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i want to live in this world

i’m normally not such a big microsoft fan, but this inspiration video has some amazing “out of the box” technical ideas and designs that i’d love to see come to life. 10 years is too soon, but it’s definitely inspiring … Continue reading

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polaroid your pics

Poladroid makes your images look like desaturated polaroids. If you’ve got some fond memories of the now defunct polaroid cameras, download poladroid for your mac and turn digital pics into something that feels old and familiar.

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toronto democamp

monday night i attended toronto democamp 12. i was at democamp 2, a year ago but couldn’t never make the others since they were on tuesday and i had conflicts with other activities. this one was on a monday so … Continue reading

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Today I came across an amazing site for visualization of complex systems. Graphic design along with visualization has always amazed me and this site provides so many examples. It’s a definite spot to spend lots of time browsing. | … Continue reading

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