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Gotta get some exercise

UFC 129 – tickets and seating chart

The seating chart for UFC 129, April 30 at Toronto’s Rogers Centre came out yesterday. I’ve been waiting for a while to see what the prices were going to be like. I was hoping it wasn’t going to be too … Continue reading

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UFC 101 Forrest Griffin vs. Anderson Silva

Watch this video (4 minutes) while it’s still available. Starts out slow, but by 3:20 left on the clock you’ll see the action start. This is why I love the UFC. It’s so crazy how good Anderson Silva is. I … Continue reading

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Dude day

What a day. Sometimes fun things can happen without even planning them. What normally would have been a quiet Sunday turned into an adrenaline filled day. The morning started with swim class for my daughter. At 8 months it’s fun … Continue reading

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Olympic fever

I’ve officially got olympic fever and the only cure is lots of tv. Unfortunately with a new baby, tv isn’t something I get to watch much of the time. I caught some swimming the other night and it’s always exciting. … Continue reading

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Surfing massive waves

After the recent tsunami tragedy, there’s actually groups of surfers that are looking to surf a tsunami. Reading on this, I came across this big-wave surfing video. I can’t believe the swell of this wave and how huge it gets. … Continue reading

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What to do?

I tried to install Redhat 9 about 9 times this evening. It installs fine, but like my video card or monitor. I’m not sure. The screen just blacks out once it boots up. It’s fine booting to the console, but … Continue reading

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