Here is the PDF I created based on a set of notes from books, tutorials, websites I used to learn Ruby On Rails. Please leave some comments below to let me know this was useful for you and people are interested in this.

Also, I’d recommend you buy a copy of “Agile Web Development with Rails” from the Pragmatic Programmers or It definitely gave me a quick boost in my RoR learning and is a great reference document. Read my review here.

If you need to contact me, email me [ contact AT ]

I hope I haven’t borrowed too much from the individual authors, but I don’t think this document is anything that lifts any complete content. If the original authors feel so, please contact me and I’ll gladly remove this document.

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67 Responses to RubyOnRails-Cheatsheet

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  2. Jason Bell says:

    For the last and final time (I’ll get this right, it’s late :) )

    Looking good and it’s a joy to work through. One thing I noticed though, on the “Forms” section you have:

    <% start_form_tag %> where it should be <%= start_form_tag %>

    Kind regards

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  4. Tom Moertel says:

    Nice cheatsheet.

    May I make a suggestion? In the “Control Structures” section, make clear that Ruby’s control structures are actually expressions: they not only control the flow of execution but also evaluate to values, which can be used in other expressions. For example, (1 + if true; 10 else 20 end) evaluates to 11. Most common programming languages do not have this useful property, so many Ruby “switchers” are likely to overlook it unless somebody points it out.


  5. chao says:

    nice. this covers pretty much the whole thing without waste of words. a paragraph or two explaining/linking the concepts would be a meaningful addition.

  6. punkboy says:

    This is an excellent tool/quick reference. Thank you for taking the time to compile this reference and making it available to the public.

  7. bustaa says:

    Good one … the best so far :)

  8. Lance Ball says:

    Great cheat sheet. Thanks for putting this together!

    One comment – it does not render correctly in Apple’s Preview application. I suspect it’s a font problem…

  9. DEkart says:

    Really useful stuff! I’ll use it as my everyday handbook for next few months :)

  10. Frank Hale says:

    FYI – it might be useful to add stuff on migrations in a future revision of this document. Otherwise, I love this and will be keeping it by my side when I am developing.

  11. Hugh Sasse says:

    I’d suggest putting a URL where future versions may be found within the cheatsheet. Also, if you provided the source (input to PDF process) we could send you patches, (I spotted one typo: “blogkcs”). It is probably sufficiently long to merit a table of contents.

    Seriously appreciated, please consider this as encouragement to develop it further. :-)

  12. allen says:

    I wish I could read it but in KGhostview the cheatsheet comes up full of garbage. There are long lines of capital “T”s and “E”s. And, I think some of the text is being overwritten by the garbage.

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  15. choonkeat says:

    Nice. Can I suggest adding the callback sequence in AR for reference?

    * (-) save
    * (-) valid?
    * (1) before_validation
    * (2) before_validation_on_create
    * (-) validate
    * (-) validate_on_create
    * (4) after_validation
    * (5) after_validation_on_create
    * (6) before_save
    * (7) before_create
    * (-) create
    * (8) after_create
    * (9) after_save

    taken from

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  22. Raru says:

    From past weeks I am hooked by Ruby on Rails syndrome and found your superb cheatsheet which provide much of relief to focus me on next level.

  23. trevor says:

    thank you, this is an awesome thing to share! many would closely guard such a thing as an advantageous personal tool, but as it is becoming more clear everyday, openness and sharing can go even further

    secondly, i’d like to ask a question but i don’t intend at ALL to be negative with some of its possible implications:

    why is this a pdf? don’t RoR and all the “web 2.0″ concepts, essentially lead to the conclusion that your cheatsheet should be a shared, group editable document, available anywhere at it’s newest possible state?

    it just seems weird that a tool – which enables the creation of collaborative web apps, and collaborative documents – would have a subtool (your cheatsheet) that does not take advantage of the very technology that it is helping to enable.

    perhaps not!
    looking forward to hear back,

  24. AJ Finch says:

    Thanks for a great resource. I’m just starting out with ruby and Rails, and this kind of thing really helps bring it all together. :0)

  25. Warren says:

    Params needs to be described. I’d like a general routine to dump params in an html table format but haven’t got around to writing it yet. Anybody done this?

    You have to inspect for hashes inside of hashes and so on.

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  27. deniz says:

    This is a very nice cheatsheet. If I may make a suggestion, it would be real cool if you had some database connection. For example, connecting to an oracle database or connecting to a multiple databases.

  28. Adam Fields says:

    I’d like the see the regexp characters and rules added to this. I’m always looking those up.

    Can you post the source document?

  29. kitune says:

    Gracias, está muy bien la cheatsheet.

  30. Danger says:

    Wow man, this has been a very welcome reference. If only I’d had this a few months ago…

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  33. Scott Holmes says:

    After a week of climbing several learning curves with regards to MySQL, Ruby, Rails, CSS, AJAX and such I’m finally making headway in my latest project with everything in a sort of hazy funk… feeling my way around clumzily. Then I found your cheatsheet, and suddenly everything is clearing up! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a dense offering of knowledge. Just wanted to drop a thanks for your effort. It’s the tear-out handy reference that I didn’t know The Agile Rails book was missing.

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  35. Donna says:

    Thanks so much Blaine! I was looking for something exactly like this. I like to have an overview when I’m learning a new language and until now I’ve not found anything like this for RoR. Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into this and for sharing your cheatsheet.

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  38. Hey Blaine, I didn’t know about your Cheatsheet when I created mine… Your’s is great too!

  39. Blaine…

    just started exploring RoR…roughly 3 weeks today…and its marvelous features and power have captured my attention…im hoping sometime after a month i would start to develop a real RoR web app ;) and your cheatsheet shimmers like a ruby gem when i found it ;)

    ive been using flash’s actionscript (also an OO lang) , some mysql and PHP codes…and when i found RoR, it magically transformed my coding style…since its very easy to learn…

    thanks! and more power!

    from the pearl of the orient ~ philippines
    and the city of love ~ iloilo city


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  41. michi says:

    Great, really GREAT! :-)
    Thank You very much, this helped and helps me a lot!
    greetings from lake constance, germany!

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  45. Henry says:

    Nice list. Very similar to my own list that I compiled as I was learning.

    on page 4, you say “add the line model :modelname to application.rb for database persisted models”

    Aren’t database persisted models automatically loaded? The only time I would use the model keyword would be for NON-database persisted models, like :cart. Unless I’m mistaken.

    Anyway, awesome that you posted this list for everyone to use. Might I suggest making a wiki out of this cheat sheet (perhaps divided into printable sections) that people could publically fix and add to it? That would be very cool.

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  48. Robert Nicholson says:

    Hi, is there anything for the second edition then?

  49. Saran says:

    Hi, the published cheatsheet is dated 12/6/05. Is there any new cheatsheet published after this(or is there anything in near future)?

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