Here is the PDF I created based on a set of notes from books, tutorials, websites I used to learn Ruby On Rails. Please leave some comments below to let me know this was useful for you and people are interested in this.

Also, I’d recommend you buy a copy of “Agile Web Development with Rails” from the Pragmatic Programmers or It definitely gave me a quick boost in my RoR learning and is a great reference document. Read my review here.

If you need to contact me, email me [ contact AT ]

I hope I haven’t borrowed too much from the individual authors, but I don’t think this document is anything that lifts any complete content. If the original authors feel so, please contact me and I’ll gladly remove this document.

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67 Responses to RubyOnRails-Cheatsheet

  1. Darryl says:

    Hi Blaike, haven’t checked your cheatsheet yet, but have d/l’ed it. Just wanted to leave a comment to say thanks for posting it. Share the love and all that. :-)

    - Darryl

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  3. zane says:

    Sweet thanks for the info!!!

  4. Hey, thanks for that.

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  7. pafo says:

    Great info you have here , thanks a lot!!!

  8. fat says:

    thank you for your doc.

  9. This is really great, thanks for all your time and hard work!

  10. Matt says:

    read the posts above, I have nothing to add

  11. Bubbila says:

    Sweet resource, just what I have been looking for.

  12. Marius says:

    A big Thank You!

  13. Dan says:

    Bump Saran’s comment…

    “Hi, the published cheatsheet is dated 12/6/05. Is there any new cheatsheet published after this(or is there anything in near future)?

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  17. A very comprehensive guide.
    Thanks for sharing your stuff……

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