Oh yeah…another cool thing that I meant to talk about earlier… PhotoSIG is an internet group where you can post your photos, have people make comments on them and they can recommend how you can make them better. Very cool.

Worktime break

2nd day at work. Liking it a lot. Taking a little break right now. I’ve got a sweeet office. My best office yet. Nice painted yellow walls, and brick walls. Well lit, wooden floors and ceiling. Classic converted warehouse space-turned office. And I’m sharing a big office with one other guy. I’ll post some photos of my space later.

I’ve been super tired lately…nothing but packing round the clock. When I’m not working, I’m packing up my place for the move. I didn’t realize I had SO much stuff. I’ve been trying to trim down as much as possible. Tonight it’s on to the kitchen & shutting down the computer network in the house. No more internet for a few days!

A friend at work (my boss) pointed me to a useful application for my website. Check out Gallery. It automatically creates a web gallery of all your photos. It resizes, creates thumbnails, generates the gallery and all the pages to go with it. The one caveat is you have to be running PHP. So there’s another thing for me to learn and setup. 🙂 Sounds interesting though. Maybe I’ll try to get that up and running in the next month. I’ve still got to get a few of my latest photos setup and scanned.

Turn off the walls!

I’ve been away from my computer for a while now. The past two days I’ve been at my new place painting my bedroom. It was a pretty lengthy job, but I had the help of my girlfriend to speed things up. She was a lifesaver. I wanted to choose a bronze yellow colour but I what I chose is not what I had intended. It’s yellow….VERY yellow. I should have known by thinking about the name of the colour… “Sunlight”. Well, i hope I’ll be able to sleep in thse new room. It’s definitely bright. A good change from the normal white anyways.

And I’ve been trying to sort out my high speed cable connection. One day they say it’s not available in my building, the next day they say it is available, the following day they say it isn’t available! Make up your mind. All I want to hear is that it is available. End of story. It’s so frustrating.

Right now I’m living in my bedroom amongst piles and piles of boxes. It’s almost clausterphobic. I can’t wait to get this moving bit overwith and just get moved already. I’ve got to pack some more this weekend. I feel like I’m always packing but there’s always so much more to pack.

Results may not be as good as imagined

I got my first 2 rolls of film developed. There’s some decent building shots. A couple of the skateboarding shots turned out, but not as great as I’d hoped. I’ll be scanning them soon and posting them.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon trying to change all my addresses over to my new location. I’m moving. What a pain. Why can’t there be one thing that changes all my important addresses? When will be the day when we all get that microchip in our head that will have all our information and i update that and all companies will know my new address. Come on technology…speed it up. Just kidding…i wouldn’t want to have a chip in my head or allow anyone access to all my info.

Downtown photos

Today was a pretty fun day. I think i got some decent photos today. I went out around 2 and was out wandering until almost 5:30. Found some skaters. One kid was throwing himself at a handrail for a while and was doing a decent job of landing them. Ran into some more skaters I’ve seen around frequently. Took some shots of them, but took off after that spot got stale. Then I wandered the city. I did a huge walk around the extended core of downtown. Headed back into Bay Street to find some more skate shots and ran into the same guys again. They pointed me over to an area where some really good skaters were but by the time I got there, they had just left. I wandered back in agagin and found the same guys a 3rd time. Stayed and shot them a bit. I think these photos turned out pretty good. I’m anxious to get my first 3 rolls developed.

Bought an SLR Camera

So I took the dive 2 days ago and bought an SLR camera. I got the Nikon F65 from Vistek. I got a kit deal with a 28-80 lens and a 70-300 lens. I went out photo shooting that afternoon and took some city shots. I was looking for skateboards to shoot, but there were none around. I think it was too hot for them. It was 37 degrees out. I was sweating bullets.

Later that night I had an ultimate game. Running around in 37 degree weather is not ideal. Nobody passed out, but one person got a a bloody nose from getting hit in the head.

What’s your name mean?

Names – Blaine See what my name means… “Your name of Blaine creates a quick, clever mind capable of grasping and assimilating new ideas. You are rather studious, mentally challenging each new idea before accepting it. Because you learn so quickly you have little patience with those whose mental processes are somewhat slower, and you could become supercilious or somewhat “know it all” in your attitude.”
…I’d say that’s is pretty much me for sure. Pretty impressive. Check your own name at this site and see how true it is.

Back in the working world

So I’m back in the job world again. I just signed an offer of employment this afternoon at an awesome company. Which one? You’ll have to guess. They’re a great company to work for…one of the top 50 managed companies and they’ve won lots of awards. Tons of perks too, like sports during the day. So I’m pretty happy about that. And I’ve got a full 2 weeks before I have to start. But what do I do? I’d like to go travel somewhere for a bit, but I don’t know where I’d go. Or if I wanna go somewhere. Maybe Boston for a couple days? I might look into it. And to reward myself I was looking at cameras today. Just before I was laid off I was about to buy two things…a SLR camera and a new suit. The suit because I’ve got so many occasions lately that I have to wear one and I’m tired of wearing the same blue suit everywhere. And the camera because I want to get into photography. I checked out a few models, read some reviews. I think I’m going to buy the Nikon F65. At one of the local stores, I can get the F65, with a 28-80 lens, 70-300 lens, batteries, bag, etc for ~$750. Pretty decent. I think I’ll go pick it up tomorrow. As for the suit..maybe this weekend.